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Hello, there. I'm Kate, and I drift between many fandoms, here's a rough list of my past/curent fandoms:
-CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
-House, MD
-Harry Potter
-Star Trek
-Buffy The Vampire Slayer
-Good Omens

I rarely write because honestly, I'm not all that good at it. I just stalk other people's work. I might write more some day. I don't know.

This is mainly just my ranting about life, but some of the more personal stuff is f-locked.


Pleased to meet you.

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So I need to upgrade my phone (my 3GS iphone is getting slow, and freezing occasionally, highly irritating) but all my upgrade options for a new iphone are really expensive, and I'm a student.

Anyone have any tips/preferences from moving to iOS to Android? I was thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy S III, not entirely sure.

I'm in the UK, so UK networks please!

EDIT: Probably stupid question, but would I have to use windows media player to get music on an android phone? I have a mac, wondering how it would work.

Avengers fic-Calm Precision

Wooo first Avengers story.

Summary: Coulson has to make the call he neever wanted to make, or 'Compromised' is a relative term.
Notes: First thing written for the Avengers fandom, as I have been devoured by the Clint/Coulson ship. Although this is one of the few fandoms where I ship ALL THE THINGS.

I hope you enjoy! Feedback is hugely appreciated.

Rating: Teen
Words: 293
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So I am terribly neglectful of my blog.

So, um, sorry about that.

Big news:
Passed my second year (not as well as I would have liked)
Went to Amsterdam with my friend Jenny (BEST THING EVER)
Wrote Harry Potter fanfiction (here if anyone's interested-may post it here too)
Am ridiculously into The Avengers.
Turned 22.
Lost three stone since September.

How is everyone? Hoe you're all well.

Update on life and why Lokifan is awesome

Hello flist!

Sorry I have been so neglectful with this journal lately. And by lately I mean a ridiculous amount of time.

So anyway, what is going on in life?

In my second year at uni now. Going alright I think, having a pretty good time.

Over the summer I put on a lot of weight and was really depressed, but now I am on new medication that is changing things insanely, I feel like myself for the first time in years. also joined weightwatchers, and it's working well for me.

Soon I will be posting a story I wrote for my awesome friend lokifan as a christmas present. I need to send it to her physically first, so she gets exclusive first read :P I'm gonna get some fancy paper and make it look fancy.

Lokifan is so ridiculously awesome because: she sent me a copy of Gobbolino The Witches Cat. GOBBOLINO. MY FAVOURITE THING EVER. SHE IS SO AWESOME. SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME. I LOVE HER.

Anyway, hopefully going to write things more now.


So as I have been devouring lokifan's poetry posts for Uk Poetry Month, I wanted to share something I just found yesterday. (I found it on a poetry tumblr I follow, ask for which are my favourites)

The Old Man Who Watches Me Sleep

The old man who watches me sleep
has wings

growing from his chest.
This is a mistake.

This is why
he’s so hunched over.

his crying wakes me
and I open my eyes a little
to find him
trying to push
those wings
to the other side.

If you have a soul
it may have been put in there backward.

—Zachary Schomburg

And a little googling found me an interview here

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Hello everyone!

I am indeed alive, just been incredibly busy.

I spent the summer working (for free) in a theatre. I loved it more than anything, so I'm looking at doing a postgrad in theatre stage management. And just rolling around in theatrical goodness.

But before that, I must finish uni the second time round. Just come back for my seocnd year, and it's going okay. Back in counseling and upping the antidepressants after a horrible blip in the summer (side note: why when life is great does the brain decide: IMMA MAKE YOU MISERABLE MWAHAHAHAHAAAA. It sucks)

And good note of goodness: I wrote something.

Actually I wrote a few things. Mostly poems, short silly depressing poems about depression, but hey. Writing! I love it. I forgot how much I love it. I forgot how good it feels.

I'm thinking of posting poems sporadically throughout November (as it is the UK's National Poetry Month), I didn't want to commit to every day, but once a week seems very few. So yes there will be random poems. I may possibly post one or two of mine. Not sure about that yet though.

Hope you are all wonderful f-list *rolls around in love*

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So. My sister is fairly horrible.

Yesterday, my mother told me about an article she read about how people with depression are really empathetic and often people use them as support systems because they're good at listening and supporting. I like to think I'm empathetic and I have pretty bad depression.

And H pipes us "I'm really empathetic too!"

And mum agrees.

She just screamed at me that I'm too sensitive and take things too personally before slamming doors to get away from me.

Oh. Okay.

The sister with a degree in psychology and counseling who thinks of herself as having a good degree of empathy, just screamed at me. For being sensitive, and AGREEING with her. She asked me to do something,I was going to do something else, then canceled my plans, and apparently I am too sensitive.

Uni! Birthday! Writing!

Sorry I have been so MIA lately.

I am completely healed from my operation-JOY OH JOYOUS DAY. This happened a while ago but after that was end of uni year stress. I completed an entire year of uni! I made it! Never thought I would :P Also found a house! It's a nice little house.

I shall be living with Bugsy, Metal and Soup (names changed to protect the innocent-a la lokifan). I'm looking forward to it. Soup is awesome.

Anyway I hope to be more active, maybe take my huuuuuuuge break till september to maybe try my hand at writing again. Or if you need a beta let me know.

Anyway I turn 21 next week! It's strange. All my friends are graduating and celebrating their 21sts. I just finished my fresher year. Planning a night out in Brighton, which should be awesome. Gonna drag them into a gay bar at some point (it's my home I swear) which should terrify some of them.

Also wanted to share this amazing video: